How to Spot an Illegal Cannabis Store

As cannabis became legal, the buying process became more sophisticated; however, the illegal market has become more sophisticated. Buying cannabis unlicensed isn’t as apparent as you may think; it can feel a lot like shopping in your favorite store or on your favorite website. Luckily, there are a few ways you can make sure you’re buying legal cannabis in-store and online.


Is The Store I’m Buying From Legal?

At first glance, for many illegal cannabis stores, it’s hard to tell what’s legal or not. Here are a few ways to spot a legal shop:



All legal stores must display this seal on the outside of their store, in a large (at least 17 cm x 20 cm, to be exact) and easy-to-see location.


Why Should I Buy Legal Cannabis?

There are lots of reasons to buy legal cannabis.

The biggest reason is quality assurance. All of our products and the places they’re grown and processed go through strict testing and cleanliness checks to ensure your cannabis is free of harmful pesticides and bacteria like E. coli and contains the amount of THC or CBD that it claims. 




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