The Importance of Legal CBD

Said to have beneficial effects for a wide range of issues, CBD products are flying off shelves. Should you purchase CBD from another source if you can’t find the item you want on or in a licensed retail store? The short — and definitive — answer is NO. Here’s why you should choose legal every time.

In Ontario, CBD products can only be sold to adults over 19-year-old through regulated sources such as



- Unlike THC, CBD does not generally produce psychoactive effects, but it can affect both the mind and body.

    - When you buy legal CBD products, you know how much of the active ingredients you are getting.

      - Illegal CBD products are not tested or controlled and may contain less or more CBD than advertised — along with other unknown, undesirable ingredients.


        What is CBD?

        Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a cannabinoid, a chemical compound naturally produced in the cannabis plant. It’s extracted from the trichomes on the flower of many cannabis strains, including hemp. It is most commonly available as a capsule or an oil.

        When ingested, CBD slows the production of an enzyme that regulates and destroys excess endocannabinoids (cannabinoids found naturally in the body). An increase in endocannabinoids has a myriad of physical effects on the body; recent studies have shown that CBD may also influence other natural bodily chemicals, including serotonin (which regulates mood), vanilloid (manages pain) and adenosine (impacts our sleep-wake cycle).

        However, while the purported effects of CBD are numerous, and many different types of CBD products are out there, uncovering exactly how the cannabinoid works requires much more research; more research is needed to understand the effects of CBD fully.


        What’s the Risk in Purchasing CBD from an Illegal Source?

        Because CBD is not purported to produce a high or intoxication, many people consider it a harmless substance. But, just like THC, it is a drug that is strictly regulated in Canada, and a federal license is required to cultivate CBD commercially. Unregulated CBD products may contain no CBD or much more than they suggest, along with other unknown, undesirable ingredients. With legal CBD products, you know how much of the active ingredient you are getting. These products have also been packaged according to the Cannabis Act to protect children and pets from accidental exposure.

        CBD products that you purchase from illegal sources, such as vape shops and pet stores, are unregulated and have not been subject to any testing. They also may not come in pet- and child-proof packaging.




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