8 Things You Need to Know About Vapes

1. Find the Perfect Fit

When shopping for vape batteries and vape cartridges, it’s all about compatibility, with the fit being equally as important. When browsing the category, you’ll notice that most batteries are labelled as having a 510-thread, which means they have a special insert compatible with a 510-thread cartridge. However, you should be aware that some vape cartridges can only be used with batteries specific to the brand – 510 or not – so double-check which type you have and read the fine print before purchasing.


2. Keep it Cool (But Not Too Cool)

How you store your vape products can make a big difference for both the performance and longevity of the product. For best results, keep vape cartridges and disposable vape pens in a cool (room temperature will do) and dry place and turn it off, and remove the cartridge from the battery when not in use. When the hot summers and cold winters roll in, be mindful not to leave the vape in a car for long periods, as harsh and extreme temperatures may affect the hardware’s longevity.


3. Clear the Air

When unboxing your vape pen or vape cartridges for the first time, scan and remove any vent caps that may have been put in place by the licensed producer before shipping. Often clear in color, these caps are designed to prevent contamination and reduce excess odors when shipping. However, if left in place, they will avoid the vape from working.

4. Give it a Break

Pulling multiple times in succession, exceptionally long pulls, can cause the vape to overheat, which may lead to malfunctioning. Leaving ample time between sessions will keep your vape pen working correctly and give you time to assess how you’re feeling, which can reduce the risk of over-consumption.


5. Stay Grounded

High altitude and cabin pressure may cause vapes to malfunction if packed in carry-on or checked baggage. Keep this in mind when travelling by air in Canada.

6. Keep it Inside

If you notice that your vape pen is leaking distillate, do not ingest it as it may cause adverse health effects. If accidental ingestion occurs, it is unlikely to produce an intoxicating effect as distillate found in vape cartridges has not been decarboxylated (i.e. the THCA is only converted into THC when heated to a specific temperature).

7. Dispose of Disposable Pens

Disposable pens are, well, disposable. If a disposable pen has stopped working, it could mean that either the battery is dead or the distillate has run out. If your disposable vape pen is rechargeable, try recharging it to finish using the distillate. Disposable pens are an excellent way to test out the product category but do contribute to unnecessary waste. If you’re looking for an option with less waste, choose a recyclable disposable pen or opt for a vape battery that can be reused with multiple vape cartridges.

8. Know its Strength

Consider this: vapes currently on the market can have over 90% (900 mg/g) THC concentration. In comparison, the maximum amount of THC in dried flowers is around 30% (300 mg/g) – making the most strong vape three times as powerful as the strongest dried flower available. With great strength comes great responsibility; when trying a vape product for the first time, take more minor pulls and wait longer between them.




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