Introduction to Oral Sprays

The basics on cannabis oral sprays: what it is, its reported benefits and what to consider when using it.



- Oral spray is cannabis oil delivered in a spray format.

- It can be used as an alternative to smoking or vaporizing dried cannabis flowers.

- Pros of oral spray include convenience and consistent doses, while cons include uncertainty about how much to take.


The oral spray is cannabis oil — cannabis extract mixed with a neutral oil, such as olive oil — packaged in a spray bottle and taken orally. It can be used as an alternative to smoking or vaporizing dried cannabis.

As with any cannabis product, there are pros and cons to using an oral spray.



Advantages include convenience, as the bottle is discrete and portable, and the spray often has no odor or flavor. Each pump also delivers the same amount of oil each time, and the product label provides information on how much of each active ingredient is provided in each spray.



One downside of using the oral spray is that the reported effects are not as immediate as they are with inhalation (your body processes ingested cannabis differently). This could lead to overconsumption to feel the effects sooner, which doesn't work; using more of a cannabis product in the same time frame intensifies the impact; it doesn't move up the onset time.


How Much Should I Take?

If you are using the oral spray for the first time or trying a new cannabis product, Health Canada recommends starting with a low dose and increasing it slowly once you discover how it affects you. Be sure to carefully read each product label to determine how much to take, considering potency and ingestion method. (See our post titled Reading a Cannabis Product Label to learn more if you're unsure.)




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