Easy Steps to Rolling a Joint

Follow these five easy steps to roll a joint with a dried cannabis flower.

There are many ways to consume cannabis and cannabis products at Ashario, such as inhaling, ingesting, and applying topically. The most common is rolling dried cannabis flowers in paper to make a joint and lighting it to be inhaled. And while it may look complicated, especially for beginners, rolling a joint requires just a few items and a bit of practice.

Gather Your Supplies

To roll a joint, you need three things: dried flower, a grinder and rolling paper. The optional filter, or tip, can be created from a small rectangle of cardboard or heavy paper, or you can purchase rolling papers that come with premade tips here.

1. Grind It

Use a good-quality grinder — steel is preferable to plastic — to make your cannabis uniform and produce an even burn and maintain the flavour. Don't overfill the grinder, and space out the dried flower, so it doesn't clump up. The ground material should be in small pieces but not powdery.

2. Make a Filter

This step is optional, but a filter prevents the dried flower from escaping into your mouth when you inhale and protects your fingers from being burned. It can also provide some structure that can be helpful for first-time rollers. Some rolling papers come with filters or tips or are purchased separately, but you can make your own with a small rectangle of heavy paper or thin cardboard.

Here's how: Fold one end into a W shape and then curl the rest of the paper around it, or roll the entire rectangle into a bit of spiral, whichever you prefer.

A filter is also called a "crutch" or "guide" because it provides a rigid surface to hold onto while tightening the paper around the rolled cannabis.

3. Fill the Rolling Paper

Rolling papers come in many different formats (organic, unbleached raw, rice or hemp paper) and sizes (double-wide, king or slim). Likewise, joints can be made in many different shapes and sizes, but the standard one is straight, which provides the same amount of dried flower all the way to the end of the cylinder.

To fill the paper, first, ensure the glue or shiny side of the paper is facing up. If you are using a filter, place it at one end of the paper. Fill the paper with the dried cannabis, leaving a little space at the end opposite the filter so you can twist it off at the end to prevent the cannabis from falling out before it can be smoked.

4. Pack the Cannabis

Fold the non-glued long side of the paper up and around the cannabis, and use your thumbs and index fingers to roll it inside the paper in a back and forth motion until it is well-packed and forms a cylinder. This step makes the whole thing easier to roll and prevents gaps inside the roll.

Try your best not to press directly on the dried flower as you mould it into the desired shape. You can do this by holding onto the filter and rocking the paperback and forth.

5. Roll it Up

Tuck the non-glued edge around the packed cannabis and roll the paper up tightly to secure the cannabis and filter. Moisten the glue and secure the side. You can also use a small tool like a pen to poke into the open end and tamp down the cannabis, so it's tightly packed. Gently fold and twist the open end closed to prevent any cannabis from escaping.

An alternative method uses the same materials, with the addition of a thin, cylindrical or conical item, such as a chopstick.

After grinding or shredding the flower, tightly wrap the rolling paper around the chopstick, positioning it further up or lower down on the chopstick depending on your desired thickness or the width of your filter. Then, moisten the glue, secure the side, and carefully remove the rolled paper tube from the chopstick, making sure not to crush it.

If you are using a filter, insert that into the tube next, making sure it gets pushed all the way to one end. Place the filter end on a flat surface and simply begin adding pinches of shredded flower into the pre-rolled tube, or use the tube to gently scoop it up directly. If using this method, it's best to use the chopstick to tamp down the added flower after every couple of pinches or so to make sure there are no gaps, allowing it to burn more evenly.

Once it's been filled to the desired amount, fold and twist the open end to close it off.

Or, Just Buy Them Premade

If all of this sounds too tricky or time-consuming, you can purchase pre-rolled joints through Ashario.ca or in one of our stores.



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