We did the work for you.

These customized soundtrack sequence is tailored to complement each of our blends - letting you plug right in without wasting those precious moments of me-time putting together a playlist.

Take a moment to explore these sounds, beats and rhythms for upping your cannabis experience. Let your auditory cues direct your pleasure as you sample products from each of our blend varieties: Uplift, Unwind and Connect. Most importantly, don’t forget to savor the magic of the moment.


Are you looking to ease into a world crafted by your desires? Want to trade in your nightly toss and turn ritual for a visit to the land where dreams manifest? Or perhaps you finally want to get around to orchestrating that intimate moment with a special someone? With Ashario's carefully curated Unwind playlist humming in the background, you can look forward to all that and more. This soundtrack collection is tweaked to set just the right tone, mood, and vibes conducive to a mellow ambiance - perfectly harmonized with soothing terpene characteristic of our Indica Dominant products. Beat the world at the chill, play and sleep game by claiming the upper hand with this ideal pairing of melodic bliss and an Unwind product of your fancy.


Feed your frenzy and elevate your cannabis experience with Ashario’s carefully selected collection of eclectic, uplifting beats and tunes. What you’re looking for is within you. Let this perfectly balanced playlist complement our Sativa collection as you set out to define the moment and bring out your inner muse. Realize a sense of melodic empowerment, synchronize your rhythm and use it to power through the day with our Uplift mix and Sativa terpene notes. Looking to get assertive at work and push out those deliverables? Or maybe you need a little nudge to get the creative juices flowing? We know it’s all about the moment. Play - Uplift - Achieve - Repeat.


Care to walk the line between relaxation and productivity? Yet don’t care to vent on that pesky acquaintance who keeps testing the limits of your good side day in and day out? This selection of tunes is sure to help you stay in the ‘’Zennzone’’ as you maneuver everyday activities with a balanced outlook. Let your mood take you on either side of the river with the combined effect of this soundtrack and some of Ashario’s perfectly balanced Indica – Sativa 50/50 strains. Just what you need to keep from tipping on either side of the buzz spectrum and stay centered.


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